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Multi-pendulum Harmonograph simulator using numpy and matplotlib

This is a simple harmonograph simulator to generate random-ish harmonographs. It asks for the number of pendulums, and exits if the number is 0. It also asks for the frequency spread, which means roughly, how far from integer may the …

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Spectral Harmonographs

This Python + Pygame program draws the trace of 4 decaying sine waves, 2 per axis, with rainbow colours. It generates a sequence of random harmonographs.

A harmonograph is a mechanical device typically seen in science museums, that has two …

Harmonograph in Pygame
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Harmonograph in Pygame

You may have seen those devices at the Science Museum or Exploratorium or Techniquest… There’s a drawing surface and some arrangement of pendula with a pen touching the paper on the drawing surface, set in motion it draws these …

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Extensible Harmonograph

Often seen in science museums, the harmonograph is a device that combines wave motions (e.g. from some pendulums) to move a pen resting on a sheet of paper. These movements result in attractive patterns. This device can be simulated easily …

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Black & White Harmonographs

Black & White Harmonographs. Because colour gets boring after a while…

Harmonographs are those devices often seen in science museums, that consist of a pen connected to a number of pendulums, suspended over a sheet of paper on a board, …

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The Very Best Fractal & Mathematical Pictures

This gallery showcases some of our best fractal & mathematical pictures. Start here! We have Mandelbrot & Julia Sets, Lorenz attractors, The Burning Ship, Flame fractals, Harmonographs, Buddhabrots, Menger Sponges, Sierpinskis, 3D Fractals, Fractal Zooms, Lyapunov Fracatals, etc. Oh, and …

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Online 3D Harmonograph

Online 3D Harmonograph

This is an online 3d harmonograph version of those harmonograph devices often seen in science museums – except that instead of drawing pretty harmonic patterns on paper, here we plot them in 3D-space! Glowscript code and my …

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Spectral Harmonographs

Not fractals – but still, pretty math pictures… These were created with the following Python program (MIT license; download from GitHub):

You may need to install python and/or pygame, e.g. on Ubuntu/Debian style linuxes:

sudo apt-get install pygame
sudo apt-get …