The Very Best Fractal & Mathematical Pictures

This gallery showcases some of our best fractal & mathematical pictures. Start here! We have Mandelbrot & Julia Sets, Lorenz attractors, The Burning Ship, Flame fractals, Harmonographs, Buddhabrots, Menger Sponges, Sierpinskis, 3D Fractals, Fractal Zooms, Lyapunov Fracatals, etc. Oh, and …

Orbits of The Starship Mandelbrot, in 3D

Orbits of The Starship Mandelbrot, in 3D.

In fractal mathematics, an orbit is the sequence of points in the complex plane traced out by the iteration of the function that generates the fractal. In the case of the Mandelbrot Set, …

Mandrian’s Mandelbrot Music

Mandrian is a Python + Pygame program to render the Mandelbrot Set  by sub-dividing square areas into sub-squares. If the square’s corners all have the same iteration count from the escape function we assume there’s no internal detail to render. …

Beyer’s Mandelbrot Zoom

Mandelbrot Zoom sequence up to 1:60,000,000,000, created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3.

  • Mandelbrot set. Initial image of a zoom sequence: Mandelbrot set with continuously colored environment.
  • Coordinates of the center: Re(c) = -.7, Im(c) =